Bath Sprudel – Triangle 6 Pack

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—Welcome to the greatest bath toy ever!

  • Tired of arguing to get your kids in the bath? Our Sprudels will get them there in no time – happily!
  • The Sprudel fizzes slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath water – but that’s just the start!
  • Hidden inside the Sprudel is a magical sponge, which soon becomes a cute sponge character.
  • Children can also learn about colour mixing by placing 2 primary colour Sprudels in the bath at the same time. Endless fun!

—Discover, collect and play, bath time has never been sooo good for kids and their parents. And mums…..No, they won’t stain your bath! (nor your children!!)

—Our guarantee is that we will forever make a child’s bath time exciting and magical.