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Other Products

Bluetooth Beanie – Wireless Headwear Gifts for Him

The Edge Bluetooth Beanie is the future in headwear and is the ideal gift for him! Wireless connection to any mobile device. The ultimate in hands free tech! Listen to your favourite tunes, make/receive calls while walking to work, hitting the slopes, going for a jog or just chilling out. Your Bluetooth Beanie is in sync with you! It takes only 3 seconds to sync your mobile phone to the Edge Bluetooth Beanie. A great gift idea for everyone in the family!

Inverted Umbrella – New Era of Umbrella Awaits

An innovative new umbrella design that is ​Simple, Stylish & Ultra Convenient. Keep dry while getting in and out of your car. The Inverted Umbrella folds inside out as you open it. The wet surface folds away inside the umbrella. Double layer making it windproof. The Inverted Umbrella stands alone with its flat top (no leaning against a wall or table).

Solar Power Bank Chargers

For the active sports enthusiast there is nothing more frustrating than a flat battery on your mobile devices. In an emergency, it can represent a risk to safety for you or loved ones. This is where our incredible Solar Power Bank Charger comes to the rescue!

You can charge it up before you head out or simply the sun do the work for you!

The incredible Sand Off Mitt

Love the beach but hate the sand? Then our incredible Sand-Off Mitt is for you!
The incredible Sand-Off Mitt gets rid of sand easily leaving your skin smooth and dry.
Use it once and the Sand-Off Mitt will quickly become an essential every time you head to the beach.

A great gift idea for everyone in the family!

What our clients say…

I ride with a pair of these but mine have the yellow photochromatic lense and I swear by them! The transition between light and dark is not noticeable at all!Awesome buy.
Two weeks ago while on holiday I bought be a pair of Ocean eyewear photochromatic glasses from a cycle shop. I used them for the first time during a long cycle and they stayed on my face in the same position I put them on when I got ready. They get quite dark but the funny thing is that it does not feel like it changes at all. So if you can find them, get them. Thanks,
My cycling buddy also got a pair of the transition lenses, and he is very happy with them.
Rudo J
A massive thank you for the repairs, I am so impressed by the service I think I’ll let others know how great the brand is.. Service like yours is a real rarity.Thank you and all the best.
I've had several pairs of Ocean eyewear polarized sunglasses. Use them for cycling, fishing, general daily use. They aren't very expensive. I would recommend them to anyone.