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Bluetooth Beanies – The Future of Headwear

In the future, all of our beanies will double as headphones, all of our headphones will double as head-warmers.
Use our bluetooth beanie to listen to your favorite tunes or make/receive calls while walking to work, hitting the slopes, going for a run or just chilling out.

The Bluetooth Beanie is a simple concept. Push the beanie’s sole button to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth.
Play music or answer your phone and hear it amplified through two small plastic speakers that align with your ears.
The sound is pretty impressive: It’s clear, quiet and above both wireless & hands free!
You can make/receive phone calls through the beanie as well all without being frustrated by miles of cables strewn around the place.

It`s a Beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones with
Sound discs sewn into the beanie over your ears so there are no dangling wires .
All you need to do is Sync your beanie to any Bluetooth enabled device