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The Best Kids Product – Sand-Off® Mitt RE-USABLE

If you love the beach but hate the hassle of getting the sand off you and your kids, then our amazing reusable Sand-Off® Mitt is for you!

The Sand-Off® Mitt will leave the sand at the beach where it belongs!

This special mitt uses a fantastic all-natural, unscented powder blend to effectively & gently remove sand – without water!

The Sand-Off® Mitt can be used up to 40 times during the summer. It is the perfect kids summer product and makes the best kids gift.

Best of all it is easy to use, effective and recyclable!

How does the Sand-Off® Mitt work?

The amazing Sand-Off® Mitt has a patented, magic powder formulation embedded in the Mitt.

The incredible, all-natural corn powder lubricates the skin making the sand just fall off.

Sand is a high-friction substance that tenaciously clings to anything, especially bathing suits and skin!

A towel doesn’t work as it just moves the sand along the skin. Often this causes irritation!

Our Sand-Off® Mitt breaks that bond between sand and skin – when you use the Mitt, the sand just falls away!

Parents – imagine going to the beach and not having to worry about sand in the car, your holiday accommodation or home!

How to use the fantastic Sand-Off® Mitt

The Sand-Off® Mitt is super easy to use:

  • Simply clap the Mitt to release the powder
  • Then rub the soft terry cloth over the skin to easily wipe away the sand

It is that easy!

The Sand-Off® Mitt dispenses the powder formula evenly and gets excellent body coverage.

You and your kids can be cleaned with less fuss and less hassle in no time at all!

Best of all our Sand-Off® Mitt is guaranteed to work!

Benefits of the Sand-Off® Mitt:

  • All natural and talcum-free
  • Good for up to 40 uses – a.k.a. one amazing summer at the beach
  • Less hassle and mess
  • Unscented
  • Works even with suntan lotion and perspiration
  • Kids love it!
  • Adults love it even MORE!


Once you have tried the Sand-Off® Mitt it will become an essential to take with you every time you go to the beach!

This fantastic product is so easy to use and guaranteed to work!

Leave the sand where it belongs – at the beach. Buy the amazing Sand-Off® Mitt today!

Standards & Features

  • All natural and unscented products
  • Child friendly
  • Reusable
  • For use on wet & dry skin