Inverted Umbrella – C Handle Black

$34.95 inc. GST


New Era of Umbrella awaits                                                                                                          An innovative new umbrella design that is ​Simple, Stylish & ultra Convenient                                 Welcome to a new era of umbrellas – Keep dry while getting in and out of your car

Simply push upwards to open, just like a conventional umbrella
The Inverted Umbrella folds inside out as you open it
Then elegantly folds out and locks into the shape of classic stylish umbrella​
Minimise getting wet while exiting ​and entering your car, as the wet surface folds away inside the umbrella                                                                                                                                               No need to leave your umbrella at the door or entrance, as the umbrella will not drip!

Drip Free Design                                                                                                                               Keep your car and floor dry with the Inverted Umbrella’s reverse folding design
​The wet outside surface is folded inside the
Keeps the interior of your car
Never again will have to leave your umbrella at the cafe or shop entrance because it is wet

Free yourself –New C-shape Handle                                                                                         Allows you to free your hands
Make calls, send text, take photos
Or, get your keys from your bag or pocket

  • Free Standing Design                                                                                                                 The Inverted Umbrella stands alone (no leaning against a wall or table)                                   ​You can stand your umbrella next to you                                                                                      A flat top replaces the conventional pointy top​​ to allow for a free standing umbrella