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Sand Off Mitt

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Sand-Off Mitt is the ultimate summer necessity!
The mitt wipes sand right off without any residue, leaving the skin clean and dry!

With an organic corn flour base, this wonder mitt will keep you, the kids, the car and house free from sand!

How It Works

Sand-Off has a patented, magic powder formulation embedded in the mitt. The all-natural powder lubricates the skin making the sand just fall off. Sand is a high-friction substance that tenaciously clings to anything. A towel will just move the sand along the skin. Our powder breaks that bond between sand and skin. We’ve heard people call it magic. We just call it a relief that the sand will not follow us to the car, hotel or home.

Product Benefits:

  • All natural, talcum-free
    · Kids love it
    · Unscented
    · Easy and convenient
    · Good for up to 40 uses a.k.a. one amazing summer at the beach
    · Less hassle and mess
    · Works even with suntan lotion and perspiration