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EDGE TRADING supplies high quality, affordable products for those interested in an active lifestyle.

If you are a sporting enthusiast, love the outdoors or are interested in fitness we have a range of products that will delight!

Our mantra is to provide the best quality product & service, with an affordable price tag!

It’s all about You!

Customer service is in our DNA – we aim to surprise and delight!

Whether you are an individual or a large chain Edge Trading will always strive to provide you excellent products and a great experience

For many years, we have successfully supported a wide range of Chain Stores and Pharmacies throughout Australia.

We have the supply chain, logistics and customer service personnel to ensure a seamless customer experience to everyone from small individual stores to large chains.

If you are looking for quality products at an affordable price contact Edge Trading today

High Quality Polarized & Non-Polarised Sun Glasses

For many years we have been a leading supplier of high quality Specialised Sport & Lifestyle Sunglasses across Australia. We have focussed on specialised sport sector & designer fashion sunglasses with our ultimate polarised and non-polarised range.

Our range of high quality sunglasses come in styles not unlike the leading brands – but without the expensive price tag!

Our range of polarized & non-polarised sunglasses includes

  • Sports sunglasses
  • Cyclist sunglasses
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Golf sunglasses
  • Surf Sunglasses
  • Fashion sunglasses
  • Fishing sunglasses

We love our eyewear range so much, we back it with a lifetime warranty on the frames!

Reader & Tinted Reader Range

Readers galore with on trend European styles and designer trends. An extensive range of male, female and unisex readers and tinted readers is available. Select from our massive range of reading glasses with magnification from +1.00 to +3.50. Stop blurred vision with our lightweight, comfortable and durable reader range.

Specialised Cycle Range

Cycle enthusiast will love our cycle specific sunglass range! Lightweight and comfortable our range offers a choice of specific lenses & photochromatic lenses for changing weather and seasons. Ocean’s specialized sport lenses are optically superior, impact and scratch resistant and have an anti reflective coating. Our lenses offer upper side vision optimization and an extended field of view.

Specialised Golf Range

The ultimate for Golf lovers with our premium sporting style and design sunglasses. Ocean Eyewear answers the demands of performance eyewear by offering engineered excellence, superior quality and high styling. The ultimate for playing excellence with maximum UV protection. We offer specialised lenses to enhance and improve your vision and support your game!

Specialised Fishing & Water Sport Range

Our vast range of polarized sunglasses for fishing and water sport range is exceptional! Our rugged wrap around sunglasses styles, floating frames and surf style sunglasses make Ocean Eyewear the ultimate in fishing and outdoor water adventure. Enhance your vision, comfort and performance with our polarized range of optically superior, impact and scratch resistant eyewear.

MX Goggles – Motor Cycle Goggles

For those who love motorbikes and motocross we have an amazing range of lightweight, durable MX Goggles and Motorbike Goggles. Our robust anti fog and anti scratch lexan lens (tint, clear and amber) will withstand the extremes of motor cross. We even have a prescription insert for optical glasses available.

Push us to the limit – our goggles & sunglasses were built for it! They come in a great range of styles and colours and provide ultimate UV protection. All with an affordable price tag!

Snow Goggles

If you love the snow and skiing, you will be delighted by our range of Snow Goggles, which come in a range of styles and colours. All are anti fog, durable and scratch resistant. Vented points for cooling will enhance both your comfort and performance. The price will amaze!

Solar Power Bank Charger

For the active sports enthusiast there is nothing more frustrating than a flat battery on your mobile devices. In an emergency, it can represent a risk to safety for you or loved ones. This is where our incredible Solar Power Bank Charger comes to the rescue!

You can charge it up before you head out or simply the sun do the work for you!

The incredible Sand Off Mitt

Love the beach but hate the sand? Then our incredible Sand-Off Mitt is for you!

The incredible Sand-Off Mitt gets rid of sand easily leaving your skin smooth and dry.

Use it once and the Sand-Off Mitt will quickly become an essential every time you head to the beach.

A great gift idea for everyone in the family!