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The Best Solar Power Bank Charger

No electricity is required for our Solar Power Bank Charger!

Never be stuck with a flat battery again. Use this unique, universal Solar Power Bank Charger to effectively recharge single or multiple devices at one time.

This powerful Solar Power Bank Charger, is suitable for charging:

  • Mobile phones
  • iPad’s
  • Tablets
  • GPS Devices and all USB chargeable devices

Emergency SOS and LED light function come standard with our Solar Power Bank Charger.

The power of the sun to keep you connected!

To keep your mobile devices charged all you need is the free power of the sun!

You can use direct sunlight to charge all your USB devices with this unbelievable Solar Power Bank Charger. Anywhere, anytime – charge up!

The Solar Power Bank Charger includes 2 different Ma USB output interface, which also allows for reliable, dual charging of 2 devices!

Solar Power Bank Charger – Ideal for those who love the outdoors!

Our Solar Power Bank Charger is:

  • Water resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof

This fantastic charger is perfect for sport enthusiasts, outdoor activities and families on the run.

Charge up with direct sunlight and enjoy the benefits and efficiency of an independently sustainable source of solar power.

How our Best Solar Power Bank Works

The efficient lithium polymer battery charges via powerful monocrystalline solar panel and provides a clean and powerful source of energy.

Up to 5 000MaH energy can be stored and used to power a variety of USB chargeable devices due to the universal adapters supplied.

The two Ma ports allows for dual charging of devices.

Cloudy Day – No problems!

The amazing Solar Power Bank Charger can also be charged by standard 5V/1A USB power adaptor or computer device. You can then take the device with you as a back up!

This flexible charging device is an ideal gift for men and women!

It can also provide parents with peace of mind by ensuring children’s devices are always charged!

How to use the Solar Power Bank Charger

Simply unpack the multifunctional charger from the packaging and:

  • Place it in direct sunlight
  • Switch the phone on to check your energy capacity
  • The simple 4 light indicators will alert you to the amount of charge held by the powerful solar charger
  • Sit back, relax and let your Solar Power Bank Charger harness free solar energy

You can also use the Karabiner Clip to attach the Solar Power Bank Charger to your rucksack, golf cart or water bottle – as long as the panels are in direct sunlight, you can charge up anywhere, anytime!

Benefits of the Solar Power Bank Charger:

  • Uses the power of the sun to keep your mobile devices charged
  • If you are outdoors – you can charge the battery on the run
  • If needed you can charge by connecting to the mains or your computer
  • Whilst stylish, our rugged device is water resistant, dustproof and shockproof – ideal for those who love the outdoors
  • We only use environmentally friendly Silica gel and ABS + PC Materials as well as rubber paint surface process
  • The device includes an Emergency LED Torch with SOS function


Don’t get caught again with a flat battery on your mobile device – enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our Solar Power Bank Charger.

It is stylish, rugged and adaptable.

Enjoy peace of mind by ordering your Solar Power Bank Charger today

Standards & Features

  • CE approved
  • ROHS compliant
  • FC compliant
  • PSE certified
  • Recyclable parts
  • Dual charging facility
  • Universal charging
  • Lithium Polymer battery
  • Monochrystalline solar panel
  • Emergency SOS and LED light function
  • Waterproof, dustproof and shock proof